Manotel is staging the talent and youth of 29-year old Pierre Molinier, the new Chef of the “Portobello & Co” restaurant at the Epsom hotel.

Manotel is staging the talent and youth of 29-year old Pierre Molinier, the new Chef of the “Portobello & Co” restaurant at the Epsom hotel.

Geneva, 6 August 2011 – The cuisine conjured up in the kitchens of the “Portobello & Co” restaurant at the Hotel Epsom, one of the Manotel Group’s six hotels in Geneva, has been entrusted to a young 29-year old chef, Pierre Molinier, former chief assistant to Armel Bedouet, well-known chef of “Le Duo” restaurant at the Hotel Royal. In collaboration with Oliviers & Co, the brand of olive oils, “Portobello & Co” invites you to come and discover its subtle culinary alchemy.

A career with the greats

Pierre Molinier was awarded the “culinary and fine dining genius” diploma by the Gascony French cookery school in Bordeaux. His career started in 2002, at the Chalet d’Adrien (5 star Relais & Châteaux, 1 Michelin star) in Verbier, where he held the Second Chef position at gourmet restaurant “L’Appartement” and in the deluxe “Le Grenier” brasserie.

In 2005, he joined the kitchen brigade in the famous “Chat-Botté” restaurant at Geneva’s Beau Rivage hotel, as pantry chef heading the dessert, fish and meat section, a position he held until 2008. He then took the opportunity to second Armel Bedouet as sous-chef at the Hotel Royal’s “Le Duo” restaurant.

Born in a cauldron, and surrounded by the best

At the “Portobello & Co”, coached by Armel Bedouet and the Bernard Loiseau group, Pierre Molinier now includes in the menu dishes garnished with the finest olive oils. He thus proposes fully shelled spider crab drizzled with olive oil, or red mullet fillets accompanied by deliciously stuffed zucchini flowers.

Assisted by Simon Piefort, the talented 29-year old pastry chef and friend from the same student year, Molinier concocts seasonal desserts, such as poached Valais apricots, lightly seasoned with a fine and sweet olive oil…

“Working with a wide variety of olive oils married with fresh seasonal products is a stimulating challenge. It’s a difficult exercise which, like everything else in the kitchen, requires discipline and continuity”, admits this young and ambitious chef, who makes no secret of his passion. “I am eternally grateful to my mother who succeeded in cultivating my taste for gourmet dishes when my appetite needed stimulation. I was of frail stature, and just had to build up my body strength” he adds. As for Patrick Bertron, Executive Chef with Bernard Loiseau, he is convinced that this young chef will fully develop his creativity around this original concept.

An authentic and creative culinary approach

On the “Portobello & Co” menu, Pierre Molinier’s intention is to offer a market-fresh cuisine, so that his guests can discover an original, authentic and creative culinary approach. By his own admission, he loves working only with the finest products, shellfish, wild fish, top-quality meat, on a menu which exalts the richness of the olive oil. At the “Portobello & Co”, he assembles his dishes using a range of olive oil varieties originating from Italy, France, Spain, and Croatia, which he delights in using over time as the seasons change.

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