Hotel N'vY

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Tagesmenü ab 21.-

From 15th to 19th of December 2014

  • Montag
    • Parisian steak with herb butter, Pont neuf potatoes and sweet onion fritters
  • Dienstag
    • Rösti Burger, green salad, potato pancake, Gruyère cheese, onions steak, tomato and iceberg lettuce
  • Mittwoch
    • Plaice fillet with anise vapors, steamed leeks, cauliflower and broccoli, iodized foam with star anise
  • Donnerstag
    • Duck fillet glazed with quince syrup , mushrooms tatar with hazelnut oil, dauphine potatoes
  • Freitag
    • Cod fillet in pancake of buckwheat, carrot and cumin mousseline, vegetables with saffron emulsion