Manotel unveils Hotel N’vY and its new 4-star concept

Geneva, 11 December 2012

After five months of renovation work and a CHF 15 million investment, the Hotel N’vY recently opened where the Hotel Epsom once stood. Bathed in an atmosphere inspired by the bohemian chic spirit, the Hotel N’vY blows an air of freedom and embodies a new, elegant and laid-back lifestyle, addressing the expectations of the highly mobile and connected Generation Y. With three eateries, a lounge bar and a resident DJ, Manotel wishes for the Hotel N’vY to become a hotspot in Geneva, open both to hotel guests and to a local clientele.
“Our intention for the Hotel N’vY was to shake up and break free of traditional codes, whilst suggesting alternative ways allowing for new instincts to arise, so as to offer clients both the change and the nonconformism they seek”, explains Patrick Ribes, architect of the project. “From 2015 onward, the Generation Y will comprise 40% of the workforce”, stresses Paul Muller, President of the Manotel Group. “We were determined to respond to that captive clientele by addressing their desires.”

Design, space and functionality for the new rooms
Offering transparency, light and a patchwork of colours and materials, the 153 rooms of the Hotel N’vY have undergone complete transformation. Through his audacious ideas, the Parisian interior designer Patrick Ribes has made them more spacious and more functional. At the heart of his concept was the desire to de-compartmentalise volumes and to work with natural light, in line with the changing habits and tastes of customers. In certain rooms, the frosted glass bathroom partitions offer a complete view of the room as you walk in. In the Executive rooms, the bathroom is located window-side, separated by a glass partition only;  from your bath, you can watch television while enjoying the relaxing and revitalizing spa products. Drawing inspiration from colour therapy, the modular lighting system allows guests to select the lighting atmosphere that best suits their mood. Each room has a comfortable yet original lounge corner whose vivid colours offset the brightness of the room.

Hallmarks by renowned artists
Art is an integral part of the concept dreamt up by Patrick Ribes, permeating every area of the hotel, whether by reference – from Vasarely to Pop Art – or through more direct contributions, notably in the Tag’s Café where the celebrated New York graffiti artist Meres One completed six mural frescoes designed especially for this venue. His performance leaves the Hotel N’vY with an emblematic and exclusive work of art. Meres One’s signature can also be found in the bedrooms, on the large bed-head canvasses reproducing phrases tagged by the artist.
The three large paintings that adorn the hotel lobby are the work of French-Colombian artist Triny Prada – recently selected for the forthcoming Venice Biennale.

Optimum connectivity
Another key concern for today’s customers is the Internet access and an optimum workspace in their room. To satisfy this demand, the Hotel N’vY offers all its visitors free access to the high-speed broadband Internet connection, a service still relatively rare in Geneva. Touch-screen tablets can be borrowed by guests free of charge and are also used at reception for a speedy check-in. In the Tag’s Café, the touch-screen tables provide entertainment and reading. Each room is equipped with multimedia sockets connected to the TV audio system, allowing you to plug in your smartphone or MP3 player, or even to work on the TV screen from your laptop. At every stage of the design process, user experience and comfort were at the heart of the architect’s concerns.

A new hotspot for Geneva
Looking beyond its functional specifications, Paul Muller’s desire was to convert this new hotel into an attractive venue not only to customers seeking an alternative to the group’s other hotels, but also to a local clientele. “The Hotel N’vY complements the existing range of entertainment and eating facilities in Geneva. We want it to become a dynamic, outward-looking destination for the people of Geneva”, he adds. Under the supervision of the new manager, Mr. Edoardo Officioso, the different ground-floor areas come alive depending on the time and the mood. From Tuesday to Saturday and from cocktail hour to late evening, the resident DJ imbues the N’vY Bar with a festive, urban ambience.
The valet parking service is another asset of the hotel, facilitating access for guests and diners alike. And to enhance the visitor’s wellbeing, an exclusive and distinctive room fragrance was created in the spirit of the Hotel N’vY’s concept.

Three eateries to suit all tastes
To satisfy customer’s demand with flexibility, the Hotel N’vY provides a 20/24-hour catering service across its three restaurants. Each venue serves a different style of cuisine, while always focusing on taste and authenticity.
TheTag’s Café, opening onto Rue de Richemont and Rue Butini, is a New York-style café serving fast food to eat in or take away. From morning coffee onwards, the Tag’s Café caters both to a hurried business clientele and to those seeking a pleasant place to work or meet friends. Customers can enjoy the touch-screen tables and the tablets lent on request. The exclusive decor created by Meres One adds to the touch and makes this café an emblematic, urban venue.
At the heart of the hotel, the N’vY Bar – open, plugged-in and laid-back – symbolizes the spirit of the establishment. Behind a long counter, the barman-mixologist prepares tasty cocktails, based on a concept transmitted by two bartenders from the Dutch Kills Bar on Long Island: a careful choice of ingredients, a blend of flavors and an ice block cut specifically for each drink... To be enjoyed along with the musical background created by the DJ. The N’vY Bar also serves original fusion cuisine.
On a slightly raised mezzanine floor, the Trilby restaurant (named after the famous felt hat worn by many artists and celebrities) serves an elegant, varied “à la carte” menu focusing on beef of exceptional quality, such as the Simmental, the Black Angus or the Kobe-style Wagyu.

Partnership with Diesel
In the spirit of de-compartmentalisation that characterises the interior design, the Hotel N’vY also breaks the code when it comes to uniforms. From the reception desk to the bar and restaurants, all personnel are dressed by Diesel. The partnership deal signed with the famous casual wear brand will give rise to joint marketing campaigns beneficial to customers of both brands.

In three words:“Arty. Cosy. Trendy”, the identity of the Hotel N’vY sums up in simple terms the core values of this new concept.
In three letters: based on the French word “envie”, meaning desire, the name plays around text message language, the new grammar of Generation Y, and reinvents the idea of wellbeing – where need gives way to desire.

Manotel: Manotel is the leading hotel group in the canton of Geneva, with a hotel capacity of 610 rooms in its six 3 and 4-star hotels. The company has 300 employees. Between 2000 and 2012, the group spent CHF 120m renovating all its hotel stock to create a world specific to each of those establishments.
Patrick Ribes: A graduate of the prestigious French National College of Decorative Arts (EnsAD), Patrick Ribes founded his agency in 1980. Specializing in luxury hotels, institutes and spa,s and shopping centres, he works on projects in France and abroad. This is his third collaboration with the Manotel Group, after the renovation of the Jade and Kipling Hotels in Geneva.
Meres One: Jonathan Cohen, better known as Meres One, is the founder and curator of 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, an open-air centre devoted to graffiti art located in a former industrial complex in Long Island City, New York. Meres One’s art is regularly exhibited in the USA and appears on material as diverse as magazines, CD sleeves, video clips and feature films. Many leading brands are among his customers. Meres One creates his art alone or within his TD4 and OTM collectives.