Alinghi Official Supplier since 2001

For The Manotel Group, leader in 3 and 4 star category hotels in Geneva, offering their continual support to Alinghi reflects their faith in the team’s thirst of challenge and achievement. America’s cup is undeniably an experience in which they would like to contribute in their own way.

Since 2001, Manotel and Team Alinghi share the same values – performance, will power, team work. These values are identified on a daily basis in the group’s relationships not only with hotel guests but also the Manotel Team.

Alinghi’s strength lies in the team spirit and work, will power, passion for challenge and risk.Throughout the regattas right up to the victory, the Alinghi team managed to give its supporters some great moments of thrill and excitement.

Manotel are proud to be associated with this event of international proportions and continue supporting the team in their journey to hopefully another victory.

As "Alinghi's official supplier since 2001", Manotel continue their contribution and support of Swiss projects of international scale.

The entire Manotel team takes this opportunity to wish Alinghi a successful outcome.

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