Sustainable Development

A ten point programme

In 2007 Manotel announced a programme of sustainable development. The group is actively integrating three factors into its management philosophy: economic efficiency, social responsibility and environmental preservation.

In order to achieve this, Manotel is committed to respecting ten measures in four different areas:

  • Clients: safety, mobility, information
  • Human Resources: personal development, referrals and gender equality
  • Technical and Energy: monitoring of consumption levels, investment encouraging efficient insulation methods  (double glazing, solar panels, minimising water consumption, motion sensors, chilled ceiling panels, energy saving light bulbs...) improvement of cleaning techniques
  • Responsible management: sorting and waste recycling.

Thanks to these 'green' savings and partly due to customers who limited their daily usage of towels, Manotel has been able to donate more than CHF 90,000 to WWF over a four year period. As a result, 19 students have undertaken the 'Explore!' internship with the WWF. The programme allows young people to come face to face with central issues related to environmental responsibility.

In 2008 The Manotel Group won the Sustainable Development Prize awarded by the canton of Geneva, the 'Prix Suisse de l'Ethique' and has been nominated at the International Hospitality Awards in Paris.

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