Tourist stay

Geneva, Tourism Hub

Geneva is regularly named as one of the world’s leading cities in terms of quality of life.
Its many cultural activities, quality hotel infrastructure, stores and boutiques in a setting of exquisite natural beauty help explain why its hospitality on a human scale is unparalleled.

In the heart of Europe

  • International airport ( serving 23 intercontinental and 70 European destinations. Easy access by automobile or public transportation.
  • Free public transportation (TPG) for arriving air travellers Dining


  • More than 1300 restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world
  • Seven Michelin-rated restaurants
  • Wine tasting in local vineyards at 15min from city centre


  • 129 hotels
  • 16 deluxe hotels *****
  • More than 9200 rooms
  • 25% 4****
  • 25% 5*****
  • 12900 rooms accessible in 30min

History and Culture

  • Old Town in city centre
  • More than 40 public and private museums with varied collections
  • More than 30 theatres
  • Free admission to museums the first Sunday of the month


  • 30min by train from Lausanne
  • 1h from major ski resorts in Switzerland and France
  • River rafting in centre of Geneva
  • Trekking and MTB in the Jura mountains, 30min from Geneva
  • Sailing (year-round on Lake Geneva)
  • Keytour (