Platos de la semana

Hotel Royal

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Daily specials at 22.-

From 23rd to 26th November 2015

  • Lunes
    • Cutlet of sturgeon cooked in meunière style, stewed licorice leeks, salina foam
  • Martes
    • Roasted filet mignon of boar with dried herbs, declension of radishes red and green meat, thin mousse of beetroots
  • Miércoles
    • Creamy risotto arborio with pumpkin Muscade dice, Butternuts foam
  • jueves
    • Poultry breast cooked in low temperature, cannelloni of celery rave, glazed rampon shoots
  • viernes
    • Roasted king prawns, full bodied stock of shells, slightly mashed Ratte de tourbe