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Daily specials at 22.-

From 2nd to 6th of March 2015

  • Lunedi
    • Lacquered duck, roasted potatoes with thyme and creamy Jerusalem artichoke, pistachio juice
  • Martedì
    • Unstructured Burger (crunchy vegetable salad, herbs beef, trilogy of potatoes chips, Vitelotte, sweet potato, BF15)
  • Mercoledì
    • Comfit lamb shank, Agria pototoes muslin with butter, vegetables (carrot, turnip, celery)
  • Giovedi
    • Tandoori shrimp skewer, Chinese cabbage, fried rice with Chimichuri sauce
  • Venerdì
    • Fera fish, Cardinal muslin (Beetroot and carrot) parsnip gnocchi, iodized emulsion with Garam Masala cheese
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