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From 06th to 10th July 2015

  • понедельник
    • Sea bream with black olive tapenade, minty pea muslin, glazed carrots in black oil
  • вторник
    • Chicken supreme cooked in low temperature with confit Thai basil, cherry tomato like a tatin with rosemary caramel, "ketchup" tomato and roasted peppers
  • среда
    • Arborio risotto "Paella" style, prawn donut with smoked paprika and crispy chorizo
  • четверг
    • Duck fillet glazed with thyme honey, roasted melon and peach, blonde bulgur
  • пятница
    • Féra fillet cooked on its skin, thick slice of toasted white eggplant, vegetables and crunchy fennel