Swiss cheese fondue in Geneva: it's legen-dairy!

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Swiss cheese fondue in Geneva: it's legen-dairy!

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Swiss cheese fondue in Geneva: it's legen-dairy!

Visiting Geneva without trying a Swiss cheese fondue is unthinkable! Just like the famous Jet d’Eau or the inspiring cultural sites such as the Palace of Nations, trying this Swiss speciality is an absolute must during your stay in Geneva. Find out all about this traditional dish – and where you can eat it!

A brief history

It all started with cheese! For a long time in Switzerland, cheese was only eaten in the mountain regions or by wealthy families in the valleys and towns. It became more popular in the 18th Century, thanks to cheese dairies being opened in various villages.

As for the fondue itself, no-one knows when exactly it was created. However, we do know that a recipe for cheese cooked with wine was included in a manuscript written in Zurich in 1699. In 1825, French author and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin mentioned the term “fondue” (which is French for “melted”) in his work, The Physiology of Taste. Sixty years later, a modern recipe was finally published by the École Ménagère de Zurich, the Zurich home economics school, in a book called La cuisine pratique. It worked like a charm, and fondue quickly caught on!

Swiss cheese fondue today

One of the main Swiss national dishes along with raclette, fondue is famous the world over. Nowadays, there are several varieties from different countries and regions, but the principle remains the same. Cheese is melted in a communal pot called a caquelon, before everyone gets down to business and dips pieces of bread in it to eat. It makes for a great moment shared with friends or family!

Where can you eat Swiss cheese fondue in Geneva?

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, you’re probably wondering: “Where can I eat fondue in Geneva?

Well, in the centre of Geneva, just a stone’s throw from the lake, the Hotel Edelweiss Restaurant is ready to welcome you into its warm and typically Swiss setting. Here, you can try a variety of delicious fondues while listening to Swiss folk music.

If you’d like a more hands-on experience before you eat, the Restaurant Edelweiss offers a fondue cooking class – so you can learn the secret of making your own tasty fondue!

Don’t leave Geneva without trying this Swiss institution! Still hungry? Then check out our favourite restaurants in Geneva.

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